Multi-Employer Retirement Schemes

an engaging, accessible, and personalised experience

Organisations have strong incentives to offer retirement benefits to their employees as such benefits attract talent and enhance employee engagement.

Self-administering an occupational retirement scheme is both complex and costly to employers, and often leads to poor employer outcomes. Multi-employer retirement schemes offer the best features of an outsourced arrangement which looks after the day-to-day, while an independent management committee looks after the interests of the members.

Multi-employer retirement schemes allow employers to offer an engaging, accessible, and personalised experience for their employees which highlight the value of retirement benefits to employees and ensure a return on investment for employers.

Multi-employer occupational retirement fund advantages

Fiduciary Assistance

  • Delegation of governance and administrative services to independent professionals
  • Allow employers to focus their business needs
  • Promote transparency and reduce regulatory burdens

Improve Retirement Incomes

  • Delegation of choice and financial planning to members through retirement planning tools
  • Empower employees to take well-informed decisions
  • Promote engagement of members and improve their retirement incomes

Reduce Costs

  • Creation of economies of scale and increase of purchasing power
  • Allow employers to share operational costs and reduce the average cost per member
  • Promote a viable retirement scheme