The Benefits

a simple, tax efficient and cost-effective retirement solution

The 7Q Retirement Partners combines state-of-the-art technology with the dedication and know-how to provide a suitable and value for money retirement benefit solution.

It is suitable for organisations of all sizes that wish to provide their employees with a means to save for retirement without having to worry about the burdens of administration and governance.

It is powered by a fully integrated and secure administration platform that delivers integral and accurate data to all stakeholders, including personalised reporting and retirement planning tools.

The 7Q Retirement Partners is set up to provide everyone who is enrolled with a high quality pension scheme that will allow its members to retire without experiencing an undesirable change in living standards.

Improve Retirement Outcomes

7Q Retirement Partners is designed to promote the retirement welfare of its members.

Strong Governance

Delegate management and responsibility to industry experts and benefit from a retirement scheme that is fit for purpose, now and in the future.

Superior Administration

Improve the quality and effectiveness of your decision-making and benefit from a robust administration platform that provides the right information at the right time.

Secure Communication

7Q Retirement Partners uses a state-of-the-art Portal to communicate with all its members and stakeholders, so they can understand the choices they have to make and the benefits they are likely to expect.

Individual Choice

Choose between retirement plans that are suitable to your needs and expectations. Life staging or switching between plans is readily available.

Cost optimisation

Both employers and members benefit from economies of scale and value for money services, a critical feature as high costs can have a significant impact on retirement incomes.